Click the Helical icon over a major city to view the DTV changes as a result of the 600MHz FCC auction. Each city’s DTV Stations are assigned to Phases with their own date ranges.

*More cities to be added soon*


The Incentive Auction has ended and the FCC will now begin to repack all over-the-air Broadcast television into the new Broadcast Band; 470-608MHz. The auctioned spectrum, 614-698MHz will transition over the next three years from it’s current state of OTA TV to Uplink and Downlink services of Cellular Carriers.

The FCC has released the repack based upon the choice each broadcaster made; go off the air, move to a lower frequency channel, or share a channel.

Each market has a different combination of TV channels in use before and after the auction, it’s important to know the results of the 600 MHz FCC Auction, and which channels are open in your area, because it may not be the same open channels as it is today.

Also note the transition timing of each Phase. Many cities have their Broadcasters moving at different times within the next three years.

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