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PWS specializes in permanent RF microphones, in-ear monitors, and intercoms for venues from television studios to houses of worship, educational facilities to theaters and concerts halls. These permanent installations are fully tested for worry free operations.

Among the most recent design and installs, PWS completed their largest receiver and transmitter antenna system for QVC.

Over 1.5 miles of PWS low loss cable was used for the receive project. To overcome the cable losses, twelve PWS proprietary Active Helical Antennas with 12dB gain amplifiers, four PWS GX-8 combiners and 80 MHz band pass filters were installed throughout the QVC System to cover the needed areas. The resulting antenna system insures QVC of full, crystal clear, communications, IFB operations and the ability to use their RF microphones anywhere within the 250,000 square foot production facility.

Why Professional Wireless Services?

PWS strives to provide complete turnkey systems for clients.This process begins with a system designed and specified by a PWS engineer, composed of products tested and approved by PWS. The engineer will see the project through to completion, from purchasing to installation and finally to system testing and tuning, making sure the system functions as specified and the client is satisfied with the end result.

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