Wireless Microphones for Rent

PWS offers a robust selection of Professional quality wireless microphone systems available for rent as complete kits down to individual elements.

If you have any questions or are interested in pricing please contact rentals or call us at (407)240-2880.



Bands Available: H4 | J5

  • Unparalleled audio quality by combining the most advanced analog and digital audio technology to deliver low system noise, flat frequency response and the widest available dynamic range.
  • World-class RF performance with extremely wide RF dynamic range and precision selectivity.
  • Wideband tuning
    • Expansive tuning bandwidth of up to 228 MHz equal to 4 transmitter bands.
    • Simplifies receiver inventories a single receiver covers the entire US TV band.
  • Interference Detection & Avoidance automatically detects interference and moves signal to a clear, compatible channel in a fraction of a second.
  • Frequency Diversity mode
    • Ensures seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical transmitters in extreme RF settings.
    • Receives audio from a single source on 2 independent frequencies.
    • Uses signal from both frequencies to provide optimized audio on a single channel.
  • UHF-R compatibility ensures support for all features and functionality of UHF-R transmitters.


  • RF signal cascade connects up to 5 receivers using 1 RF signal source.
  • 2 Ethernet ports allow convenient computer and ShowLink Access Point connection.
  • IEC in/out power ports enable daisy-chaining of AC power.
  • AES3 digital audio output can be used simultaneously with XLR and 1/4″ analog audio outputs.

ShowLink – Remote Control

  • Comprehensive real-time remote control of all transmitter parameters.
    • Remote gain adjustability: Remotely adjust a performers transmitter gain in real time.
    • Remote frequency change: Execute a synchronized frequency change with a linked receiver in a split second.
    • Remote RF Mute: Conserves power and RF spectrum.




Bands Available: G1 | H4 | J5 | L3

  • 2400 Selectable Frequencies Across 60 MHz Bandwidth
  • Track Tuning Filtering Technology
  • Networked Automatic Frequency Selection
  • Automatic Transmitter Setup (including Custom Group Upload)
  • Flash Memory to Store Six 60-channel Custom Frequency Groups
  • Shure Patented Audio Reference Companding
  • Multi-function Bit-mapped Backlit LCD
  • Built-in USB & Ethernet Network Compatibility
  • Remoteable Antennas
  • Shure Microprocessor-controlled Diversity




Bands Available: G50 | H50

Uncompromising Digital Wireless Audio

  • 24-bit/48 kHz digital audio that delivers incredibly clear and accurate reproduction of the source material
  • 20 Hz/ 20 kHz frequency range with flat response
  • Greater than 120 dB dynamic range through the analog outputs
  • Built-in limiter circuitry prevents digital audio clipping from excessive signal levels.
  • 130 dB dynamic range (typical) using Dante digital networked audio
  • 60 dB of adjustable system gain easily accessible from the receiver front panel
  • No transmitter gain adjustments needed – optimized for any input source
  • AES 256-bit encryption on all channels
  • Ethernet networking for streamlined setup across multiple receivers
  • AMX/Crestron control
  • AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager compatibility
  • RF cascade ports, internal power supply, and dual Ethernet ports
  • Dante digital networked audio over Ethernet
  • Bodypack Frequency Diversity ensures uninterrupted audio for mission-critical applications
  • Audio summing routes audio signal to multiple outputs

Extremely Efficient and Reliable RF Performance

  • Up to 72 MHz overall tuning range (region dependent)
  • Up to 17 active transmitters in one 6 MHz TV channel (22 on an 8 MHz TV channel)
  • High Density mode enables up to 47 active transmitters in one 6 MHz TV channel (63 in one 8 MHz TV channel), with no audio quality degradation
  • Rock-solid signal stability with no audio artifacts over the entire 100 meter line-of-sight range using standard supplied ┬¢ wave antennas
  • Selectable 1, 10, and 20 mW transmitter RF output power
  • Optimized scanning automatically finds, prioritizes, and selects the cleanest frequencies available
  • Provides ULX-D transmitters with unmatched 11+ hours of performance time
  • Transmitters and receivers display remaining battery life in hours and minutes accurate to within 15 minutes
  • AA backwards compatibility

Shure Microphone Elements


Dynamic Cardioid

Designed for superior vocal clarity and warmth


Dynamic Supercardioid

Provides maximum isolation from other onstage sounds


Condenser Supercardioid

Provides smooth, tailored frequency response for detail and accurate sound


Condenser Cardioid

Extremely smooth, tailored response for a warm, natural sound


Condenser Cardioid/Supercardioid Switchable

Captures vocal subtlety with extraordinary detail to deliver clear articulation, functional flexibility, and precise vocal reproduction


Dynamic Cardioid

With two ultra-thin diaphragms and groundbreaking reverse airflow technology, the KSM8 Dualdyne delivers unmatched control of proximity effect, presence peaks, and bleed and requires minimal EQ and processing.

WL 184

Condenser Supercardioid

WL 185

Condenser Cardioid





Bands Available: B | L

  • Up to 184 MHz switching bandwidth
  • Digital AES 3 audio output with external word clock synchronisation
  • Integrated antenna splitter for daisy-chaining up to eight devices
  • Intuitive user interface with OLED display
  • Network integration via ethernet for use of the WSM software on Macs and PCs
  • DSP-based HiDyn plus and HDX expander
  • Transformer balanced audio outputs
  • Scanning function
  • Frequencies adjustable in steps of 5 kHz
  • Squelch setting displayed continously

Sennheiser Microphone Elements

ME 5005


MD 5005

Dynamic Supercardioid



The directivity changes from narrow super-cardioid at very high frequencies over cardioid to wide cardioid at very low frequencies. By this means, high-frequency feedback is effectively rejected while the low-end sounds rich and full. Furthermore, the proximity effect is reduced as well as the sensitivity to wind and handling noise.

Neumann KK104S


The capsule head provides the best possible suppression of sound originating from 180┬ to the rear, and has highly effective integrated pop protection.

Neumann KK105S


The capsule head has greater directivity and maximizes incident sound from the front as opposed to sound from the rear. The KK 105 S has a multi-level acoustic filter made of wire gauze.

ME 104


Colors Available: Black | Beige



Colors Available: Black | Beige




Colors Available: Black

Originally designed for use with wireless systems in theater, television and close-miked instrument applications, the d:screet 4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Hi-Sens is highly unobtrusive. Because of its small size, it exhibits an exceedingly accurate omnidirectional pattern and therefore does not need to be aimed directly at the sound source to achieve quality pickup.

4061 Lo-Sens


Colors Available: Black | Beige

This microphone is acoustically identical to the d:screet 4060 Miniature Omnidirectional Microphone, Hi-Sens, but the sensitivity is adjusted to match some of the more sensitive transmitters on the market. It is up to the user to decide on the correct placement to achieve the desired timbre. The mic can handle 144 dB peak before clipping, allowing the microphone to be used even for snare drums, guitar/bass speaker cabinets or other high SPL sound sources.



Colors Available: Black | Beige

The d:fine 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. For years, this has been the chosen headset mic for broadcasters as well as theaters on Broadway and London’s West End. This is due to its pristine sound and durability.



Colors Available: Black

The d:screet 4071 Omnidirectional Microphone, Low-cut, Presence Boost is an outstanding speech and vocal mic. It makes voice heard and intelligible. It is also resistant to moisture, extreme temperature change and humidity.┬áWhen recording voices from mic placement on a performer’s body, no frequency below 100 Hz is attractive. For this reason, an acoustical low-cut has been incorporated in the mic capsule so the built-in preamplifier (and the wireless system) will have much larger headroom. Furthermore, it removes distant rumbling from cars, trains, airplanes, etc.



Colors Available: Black

It is acoustically pre-equalized, offering a 4 dB presence boost. This makes the voice more distinguishable and improves speech intelligibility. Professionals will appreciate the light weight and the excellent speech reproduction. Combining high audio quality and low visibility, the d:screet 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone, Lavalier is well suited for broadcast, conference, and other live performances in the studio or in the field.



Colors Available: Beige

The classic d:fine 4088 Directional Headset Microphone is the industry standard in professional headset mics. It offers an open and natural sound making it ideal for both spoken word and vocal performance applications. It also provides excellent off-axis rejection in high-SPL situations. The microphone efficiently suppresses distant sound sources making it perfect for demanding live performance environments where background noise and feedback are concerns.

d:fine FIO66


Colors Available: Black (Limited) | Beige

The d:fine 66 Headset Microphone combines the legendary sound of the 4066 Omnidirectional Capsule with the lightweight and flexible d:fine Headset system. This condenser mic is easy and fast to adjust and it offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. Like all of the microphones in the range, the d:fine 66 Headset Microphone offers accurate, natural voice intelligibility and very high SPL capabilities. Users can both speak and sing into the mic with no hint of distortion. The microphone capsule is also optimized for low distortion as well as humidity resistance.



Omnidirectional: 20 Hz to 20 kHz | Directional: 30 Hz to 15 kHz

The extremely low-profile E6 Earset delivers beautifully uncolored audio while rejecting surrounding noise and feedback. An ultra-miniature electret condenser element is held close to the mouth by a thin boom and comfortable earpad. Three sensitivity options cover general speaking applications through extremely powerful vocals.




High-performance omnidirectional sweat and water resistant lav mic with sealed 2.5mm micro (WP series) plug for WM and MM400 series transmitters. Not intended for full immersion applications. For full immersion, waterproof microphones are recommended.