Professional Wireless Systems

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On-Site Services

PWS technicians are available for installation and show support of wireless systems.

Radio frequency sweeps of your location, multiple system frequency coordination and RF consulting are available at PWS. All PWS techs possess full antenna system design and system optimization capabilities.

PWS technicians are also available to monitor your wireless systems during important productions. We have a successful history of multi-system wireless operations for a host of top production companies world-wide. Call for more details on our field engineering services.

Why Professional Wireless Services?

PWS strives to provide complete turnkey systems for clients.This process begins with a system designed and specified by a PWS engineer, composed of products tested and approved by PWS. The engineer will see the project through to completion, from purchasing to installation and finally to system testing and tuning, making sure the system functions as specified and the client is satisfied with the end result.

Just call (407) 240 2880 to get started!