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Bulk Antenna Cable 1000′


Low-Loss antenna cable, ROHS Compliant, 50╬®, Center Conductor: AWG 10, 19 strand, copper. Dielectric: Mono-filament, .055″ polyethylene, nominal diameter .285, Outer Jacket: Type II black polyvinylchloride, nominal thickness .044″, nominal diameter .405″, Length: Spool 1000′

Product Dimensions: (15.0 x 18.0 x 18.0)inches

Instructions for attaching PWS Compression connectors

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Product Description

PWS 9046 is an ultra low-loss coax cable that out performs standard RG-8X by more than double over 100 foot runs. PWS’s 9046 Low Loss Cable is custom manufactured by Belden in the USA.

From the 19 strand 9.5 AWG center conductor to the flexible outer jacket, this cable is made for pro audio use. It coils nicely and doesn’t pick up dirt like the sticky outer jackets of other low loss cables.