V-IC 4-Zone VHF RX Multicoupler/Distro


For use with RAD UV-1G Intercom Systems

4-Zone VHF Intercom RX Multicoupler/Distro

  • 4-Zones (4 x Antenna Inputs)
  • 8 Outputs (Amplified for Unity Gain)
  • 169-216 MHz RF Filtration
  • Individual Zone Bias Control
  • Individual Zone Attenuation Control 0 to -40dB
  • Main + Aux Redundant Power Supplies

V-IC Spec Sheet

Product Description

The V-IC Multicoupler/Distro is built primarily to support the receive side of RAD UV-1G wireless intercom systems. Optimized for use in the VHF frequency range, filtered for 169-216 MHz. Four antenna inputs are combined, filtered and amplified to unity gain. Eight outputs supply signal to up to eight UV-1G base stations.

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