4X4 Quad Antenna Distribution (Quadversity)

4X4 Quad Antenna Distribution (Quadversity)


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Quadversity Antenna Distribution with bias and attenuation control.


  • 4 Antenna inputs
  • 4 Individual filter & amp circuits
  • 4 Quad outputs
  • 470-616 MHz filters match Shure’s G57 range
  • Variable attenuation controls for each input (0 to -40 dB)
  • Dual redundant power supplies
  • Built-in self-protecting bias power supplies for remote line amps
  • Bias power is selectable for each input

The 4X4 Quad Distribution is a must have for anyone using multiple Shure AD4Q receivers in Quadversity mode. Providing four individual unity-gain signals (A, B, C, D) to up to four quad receivers, with RF filtering at 470-616 MHz, the 4X4 is a compact and powerful solution. Housed in a rugged 1RU all-metal chassis with reinforced rack ears. Designed and assembled by hand in Orlando, FL.

4X4 Spec Sheet