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800 Dual Output Upgrade Panel

Part Number: S0200

Price: $695.00

The BTR-800 Dual Output upgrade kit enables five new functions for the BTR-800 from the rear panel.

  1. Normal RF output via the original TNC connector or redirected RF output via two new SMA connectors.
  2. Transmitter #1 Disable
  3. Transmitter #2 Disable
  4. Bleed intercom audio from side A to side B.
    An associated volume control allows the bleed level to be customized.
  5. Bleed intercom audio from side B to side A.
    An associated volume control allows the bleed level to be customized.

The kit consists of a replacement rear panel, two rack ear reinforcement brackets and several internal PC Boards.

The purpose of the kit is to remote several internal controls of the BTR-800 to the rear panel and to enable the RF output to be redirected from the single TNC connector to two SMA connectors on the rear panel. This allows the BTR-800 to be reconfigured for compatibility with external antenna combiners with a simple flip of a switch. In addition, the two original internal switches that allow either of the two RF transmitters to be disabled are remoted to the rear panel. Finally, the internal component locations for A into B and B into A intercom bleed are remoted to the rear panel for easy access.

This kit is intended for users who often use BTR-800's with external antenna combiners like the PWS GX-4 or GX-8 but who also need to use the systems in their factory standard configurations occasionally.

Please contact us to schedule installation of this kit.
The price includes installation, but shipping charges are not included.

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* Older versions and previously modified BTR-800 units may require additional parts and labor, possibly lengthing turnaround time.