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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Masque Sound, Professional Wireless Systems specializes in developing brand new gear for the increasing demands of RF equipment. PWS supplies and supports wireless systems for any kind of live and broadcast event.

Professional Wireless Systems was formed in 1992 by James Stoffo, who began consulting and broadcast coordination from his home.  Stoffo was his own advisor, engineer, technician and salesman, and it was in these early years of the company that Stoffo honed his skill in developing the simplest solutions in the most restrictive environments. 

Stoffo still actively serves the RF industry by continuing to produce innovative solutions for the most demanding applications.  He is the author of The ABCs of Wireless and contributor to Wireless Nation.  

Today, PWS continues to develop wireless products such as the GX-4/GX-8 combiner and the PWS Helical Antenna.  When there is a need for custom hardware, PWS can develop and produce system packages and hardware that fit particular demands or conditions. PWS also builds custom antenna systems and specialized accessories for specific installations with unique requirements.

In addition, PWS offers products for sale at low costs due to volume buying by being dealers with such manufacturers as Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, AKG, Zaxcom, Telex, HME, Clear-Com, COMTEK and other trusted brands.  All items recommended and sold have been tested by PWS under real-world conditions in the field.

 Highlighted Events
 Super Bowl XLVI
111.3 million viewers -- On February 5, 2012 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN, the Super Bowl XLVI became the most-watched program in US television history. To kick off the night’s event, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton performed a duet of America the Beautiful, then passed the country’s attention to Kelly Clarkson’s performance of The Star Spangled Banner. And let’s not forget Madonna’s Halftime Show. All of these performances were heard because of the frequency coordination done by Professional Wireless Systems.

Professional Wireless Systems is called on from year-to-year for coordination and frequency monitoring, as well as strategic antenna positioning, for the highest profile segment of the Super Bowl’s radio frequency spectrum; which not only includes all of the event entertainment but also the game dependent referee mics. With the astronomical investments associated with broadcasts this monumental in nature, Professional Wireless Systems is the company that is sought out to shoulder the responsibility of ensuring that nothing stands in the way of a clear, precise wireless audio signal from the stage to the world.
2011 marked the 20th anniversary of Lollapalooza, the annual music festival created by Jane’s Addiction’s lead singer, Perry Farrell in 1991. With a record attendance of 270,000 in Chicago, Lollapalooza 2011 was an impressive event. Over 120 bands were divided up across eight stages that spread out along the mile long corridor of Grant Park. During three days between August 5th and 7th, a continuous stream of live music filled the air over “Chicago’s front yard”. Heavyweights of the festival included such acts as Eminem, Muse, Coldplay, and Foo Fighters, intertwined with a plethora of bands from the widest range of popular and obscure genres.

Historically, Lollapalooza festivals had never found the need for frequency coordination. Due to the constant rotation of bands and the large amount of simultaneous RF transmissions scattered throughout the grounds, a general acceptance of moderate amounts of interference and drop-outs were all part of the expected norm. Today’s RF spectrum complexities have changed that. Useable frequency ranges have been auctioned off and the majority of open channels between DTV stations are as congested as rush hour traffic. This has brought the need for frequency coordination to the forefront, making it one of the essential components needed to ensure an event’s success; especially for a festival as massive as Lollapalooza.

RF legend James Stoffo advised C3 Presents to contact Professional Wireless Systems for Lollapalooza’s first festival-wide frequency coordination. Wireless microphone, in-ear, and intercom frequencies were coordinated for every single band at all of the event’s eight stages. PWS policed all unauthorized wireless devices and found space within the overall coordination for any extra wireless gear that showed up unexpectedly. Professional Wireless System’s frequency coordination expertise and troubleshooting skills freed Lollapalooza audio crews and performers alike from the anticipation of unpredictable, show-destructive RF interference.
 Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade 2011
The multi-Emmy Award winning Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade has become a Christmas morning tradition for family viewers all across the country. The parade showcases musical performances from contemporary and time-honored celebrities as well as appearances by classic Disney characters from the big screen. The 2011 Walt Disney World portion of the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade was hosted by Mario Lopez and Maria Menounos. Celebrity entertainment included Justin Bieber, Cee Lo Green, American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and The Muppets, among others.

Professional Wireless Systems has been involved with all wireless audio frequency coordination of the Christmas Parade’s Walt Disney World segments for every consecutive year since 1997. Referencing the endless list of frequencies used on Disney property, PWS carefully selects specific frequencies for each piece of wireless audio gear used on the parade so as not to “step on” RF transmissions for the numerous regularly scheduled shows at Walt Disney World. Throughout the years, performance mics and in-ear monitors as well as wireless intercoms have also been provided by PWS. For Disney, this ensures solid, dependable operation during the course of the event’s taping.

Professional Wireless Systems thrives in the toughest of environments. PWS has handled the Super Bowl, Aerosmith concerts, even Penn & Teller shows. We can guarantee a flawless production!