Professional Wireless Systems (PWS) was formed in 1992 by James Stoffo, who offered consulting and broadcast coordination services from his home. In these early years, Stoffo was able to develop the simplest wireless sound systems solutions in the most restrictive environments as his own advisor, engineer, technician and salesman.

PWS has grown to become one of the industry’s leading experts in supplying and supporting wireless sound systems for live and broadcast events. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Masque Sound, PWS specializes in developing new gear and delivering advanced solutions for the many events and productions that are increasingly raising the demands of RF equipment.

Today, PWS continues to develop and manufacture a full range of wireless sound system products, in addition to innovative custom solutions that address a project’s unique requirements. PWS develops and produces system packages and hardware that fit particular demands or conditions. PWS also offers products for sale at low costs due to volume buying by being a dealer of such manufacturers as Shure, Sennheiser, Lectrosonics, Clear-Com, Ghost, Pliant, Glensound, Yamaha, Telex, COMTEK and other trusted brands. All items recommended and sold have been tested by PWS under real-world conditions in the field.