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Frequency Coordination

In the world of live entertainment, nothing has opened the doors of creativity for performance like the advent of wireless technology. Freedom from the restraints of hardwired cables has not only allowed actors, musicians, and CEO’s the benefit of full, unhindered expression but it has also afforded stage technicians, engineers, directors, and producers the ability to communicate while maintaining complete mobility when responding to the demands of today’s complex productions.

Large shows very often require hundreds of radio frequencies to operate all technical aspects. With the inherent interference problems that result when just two uncoordinated frequencies interact, along with competing outside frequencies from TV signals and other nearby productions, the freedom that wireless audio provides is in constant jeopardy. The wireless signal from a performer’s microphone on stage is the first link in the chain from their voice to the venue’s sound system, and when that chain is broken due to drop-outs or interference, the connection with the audience is lost.

PWS exists for the sole purpose of providing drop-out and interference free wireless audio for all sized broadcast, industrial, live entertainment and media events so that the audience is tuned in on being in the moment of the experience and not focused on the distractions caused by inadequate RF coordination. PWS will painstakingly coordinate and continuously monitor all radio frequencies for each piece of wireless audio equipment used on your production with reference to all external frequency sources that threaten to bring down your show. When the success of your production rides on the invisible, temperamental, and easily compromised wireless audio signals bouncing wildly through the air, you need to rest assured that your frequency coordination is solid, accurate, and constant… contact PWS.

Why Professional Wireless Services?

PWS strives to provide complete turnkey systems for clients.This process begins with a system designed and specified by a PWS engineer, composed of products tested and approved by PWS. The engineer will see the project through to completion, from purchasing to installation and finally to system testing and tuning, making sure the system functions as specified and the client is satisfied with the end result.

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