The P-812S is a rugged 1RU rackmount solution for passively splitting up to 8 RF signals to two devices.

Use with up to four UV-1G intercom base stations to split transmit signals to two TX-8 transmit combiners for two zones of full power transmit.

P-812S Spec Sheet

Product Description

The PWS P-812S is used to combine or split RF signals for a variety of uses in the antenna system. Commonly used to split (8) transmit signals to (2) transmit combiners for a full power 2-Zone transmit antenna system.

Equipped with BNC(f) connectors at all ports and can handle a total of up to 4 watts of energy per channel.

14″ depth matches base stations for convenient patching.

Rugged 1RU Chassis w/ reinforced rack ears.




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