PWS Bi-Directional LPDA


Bi-Directional Log Periodic Dipole Array Antenna.

  • Connector: Right angle BNC
  • Mounting block threaded for 5/8-27 (U.S.) and 3/8-16 (European) mic stands
  • Connector: Right Angle BNC
  • Freq. Range: 470-806MHz
  • Gain: 4.13dBi
  • Beamwidth: 65 degrees horizontal / 115 degrees vertical; Figure-8 Pattern

Product Dimensions: (20 x 11.75 x 2)inches

Bi-Directional LPDA Spec Sheet

Product Description

The PWS Bi-Directional Log Periodic Dipole Array (LPDA) antenna delivers a figure-8 coverage pattern. This antenna is equipped with a BNC(f) connector and the PWS reversible mounting block. This antenna also includes two safety holes for attaching safety lanyards when needed.

Perfect for coverage in arena tunnels and sports field sidelines.