9046 Cable, BNC – BNC (choose length)

9046 Cable, BNC – BNC (choose length)


Easy to coil, ultra low-loss coax antenna cable.


  • Low-Loss Antenna Cable
  • Flexible, easy to coil
  • Diameter: .405″
  • Center Conductor: AWG 10, 19 strand, copper
  • Dielectric: Mono-filament, .055″ polyethylene, nominal diameter .285
  • Outer Jacket: Type II black polyvinyl-chloride, nominal thickness .044″
  • Termination: BNC Male – BNC Male
  • ROHS Compliant

Not all coaxial cable is created equal. 50 ohm coax cable is always required for wireless audio, but just because a cable is 50 ohms doesn’t mean it is suitable for all applications. Smaller diameter coax, such as RG-58, should only be used as a jumper or very short run (up to 6 feet). A significant number of RF problems can be solved by using low-loss antenna cable.

PWS 9046 is an ultra low-loss coax cable that outperforms standard RG-8X by more than double over 100 foot runs. Performance is measured by the amount of attenuation a cable has.

With a flexible outer jacket, this cable is made for pro audio use. It coils nicely and doesn’t pick up dirt like the sticky outer jackets of other low loss cables. Cable length is noted in large text on the blue shrink tube for easy identification.

9046 Cable Spec Sheet