Ecoflex10 Cable, BNC – BNC (choose length)

Ecoflex10 Cable, BNC – BNC (choose length)


Ultra low-loss coax cable for wireless audio antenna systems.


  • Flexible Low-Loss Antenna Cable
  • Center Conductor: stranded copper, oxygen free, 7 x 1.0 mm, nominal diameter .285 mm
  • Dielectric: low loss compound PE-LLC, nominal diameter 7.25 mm
  • Outer conductor 1: overlapping copper foil, PE coated
  • Outer conductor 2: copper braid
  • Outer Jacket: black PVC, UV-resistant, nominal diameter 10.2 mm
  • Standard Termination: BNC (M) – BNC (M)
  • Connectors secured with heavy-duty adhesive-lined shrink tube

Not all coaxial cable is created equal. 50 ohm coax cable is always required for wireless audio, but just because a cable is 50 ohms doesn’t mean it is suitable for all applications. Smaller diameter coax, such as RG-58, should only be used as a jumper or very short run (up to 6 feet). A significant number of RF problems can be solved by using low-loss antenna cable.

Ecoflex10 sets a new standard among flexible coaxial cables. Advanced manufacturing techniques combined with the use of a low-loss PE-LLC Dielectric yields a foaming rate of more than 70%. This results in very low attenuation. Further advantages of the cable include the use of double shielding which is constructed of overlapping copper foil plus an additional tight woven copper braid. The copper foil has an applied PE-coating which prevents foil cracking due to short radius bends.

Cable assemblies are made and tested by PWS in Orlando, FL. Ecoflex10 cable is manufactured by SSB-Electronic GmbH Ecoflex is a registered trademark of SSB-Electronic GmbH.

Ecoflex 10 Cable Spec Sheet