Tour Series (TS) 9046 Cable, 25 ft. BNC – BNC

Tour Series (TS) 9046 Cable, 25 ft. BNC – BNC


Easy to coil low-loss antenna cable for touring professionals.


With a flexible jacket and protective braided sleeving, this low-loss antenna cable is made for life on the road. Featuring vibrant colors for easy identification and a heavy duty velcro strap.

  • Flexible, easy to coil
  • Diameter: .450″
  • Center Conductor: AWG 10, 19 strand, copper
  • Dielectric: Mono-filament, .055″ polyethylene, nominal diameter .285
  • Jacket: Type II black polyvinyl-chloride, nominal thickness .044″
  • Termination: BNC Male – BNC Male
  • ROHS Compliant

Not all coaxial cable is created equal. 50 ohm coax cable is always required for wireless audio, but just because a cable is 50 ohms doesn’t mean it is suitable for all applications. Smaller diameter coax, such as RG-58, should only be used as a jumper or very short run (up to 6 feet). A significant number of RF problems can be solved by using low-loss antenna cable.

PWS 9046 is an ultra low-loss coax cable that outperforms standard RG-8X by more than double over 100 foot runs. Performance is measured by the amount of attenuation a cable has.

9046 Cable Spec Sheet