RF Basics

The RF Basics series describe the fundamental building blocks of wireless systems. They are designed to be read in order. They should help if you are new to wireless systems, or to provide a refresher if you are experienced. However you use them we hope you feel more confident after reading them.

RF Basics 01 - How do RF systems work?

RF Basics 02 - System Components

RF Basics 03 - Basic Mic System

RF Basics 04 - Basic IEM System

RF Basics 05 - Location, Location, Location

RF Basics 06 - What is Frequency Coordination

RF Basics 07 - What is RF Diversity?

RF Basics 08 - Why Are There Multiple Antenna Types?

RF Basics 09 - Antenna Positioning Basics

RF Basics 10 - RF Basics

RF Basics 11 - Why is Cable Important?