FCC Part 74 Licensing

Users who routinely work with 50 or more frequencies are eligible to apply for and be protected under the FCC’s Low Power Broadcast Auxiliary (LPBA), Part 74 License providing immediate access to the white space database and offering the right to reserve necessary frequencies for a production or event. PWS offers users the ability to apply for a Part 74 license.

The Part 74 License will allow Licensed operation of wireless mics, wireless in ear monitors, and wireless communications in the following bands. The Part 74 License does not cover operation in any ISM band (915MHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz) nor does it cover Land-Mobile radios in the 450MHz band.


A Part 74 license is valid for 10 years from the Granted Date by the FCC.

Only once you have received your unique Callsign can you register your event with any of the White Space Database Administrators.

A Part 74 license does not provide the holder with exclusive frequencies. It provides licensed operation in the UHF(470-698MHz), VHF-High(174-216MHz) and VHF-Low(54-72MHz, 76-88MHz) bands for as many devices as listed, up to the maximum transmit power. You can reserve specific TV channels in the White Space Database for your protection and operate at 250mW in the UHF band.

After the auction you will continue to be licensed and frequency agile in the remaining UHF spectrum for wireless mics. The FCC will modify your license to reflect the change and PWS will notify you of the changes as well to your license.

While there may not be immediate dangers from neighboring TV Band Devices sharing our spectrum, the Database is going to become our collective resume of all the events around the country that use wireless mics and require their own dedicated spectrum. When the time comes for the FCC to reevaluate the remaining UHF spectrum -and that time will come, UHF is the beachfront property of radio waves- it will be in the industry’s favor to have a vast and detailed list of our activity. Unlicensed events occur every day without an official record and have already suffered the consequences of such. Squandering such a service is not in the interest of any licensed user.