PWS offers a wide range of wireless microphone, in-ear monitor, IFB, and intercom systems from multiple manufacturers for rental. These systems can be used as extensions to existing inventory or as the complete RF solution. All rental systems are configured and validated before shipping to ensure seamless integration once on site. 


PWS has Shure & Sennheiser hand-held, lavalier and headset products available in multiple configurations to fit your needs.

  • Axient Digital w/ AD & ADX Transmitters
  • Axient Analog
  • ULX-D
  • UHF-R
  • D6000

Extensive offering of capsules, lavs, & headset mics from Shure, Sennheiser, DPA, and Countryman.

AD Rental


PWS carries Shure PSM1000 and Wisycom MTK952N/MPR50 systems which are configured to fit your needs.

  • P10T Dual Transmitters /  P10R+ Beltpack Receivers
  • MTK952N Dual Transmitters / MPR50 Beltpack Receivers
  • UX-8, TX-8, PA821B, & CSI16T Combiners


PWS carries an extensive inventory of Riedel key panels & Bolero wireless and Radio Active Designs wireless systems to fit your requirements.

  • Artist 32, 64 & 1024 Frames
  • Desktop & Rackmount Panels
  • Bolero Integrated & Standalone Systems
  • Performer C3 Beltpacks
  • UV-1G Systems
Bolero Rental
IFB Rental


PWS carries multiple models of IFB systems to fit every situation.

  • Lectrosonics VHF & UHF
  • IFBlue
  • Comtek
  • Phonak Invisity

PWS Products

PWS hardware is the industry leader in RF infrastructure and provides a reliable backbone for your RF system.

  • Helical Antennas
  • Low-Loss Cable
  • RFoF
  • RX Combiner/Distributors
  • RF Filters, Amps, Splitters

Supporting Gear

As well all the product listed above, PWS also offers supporting products including audio consoles, confidence monitors and format converters.

  • Focusrite RedNet Converters
  • Ferrofish Converters
  • Yamaha QL1 & QL5 Consoles
  • Luminex Switches
  • Meinberg Master Clocks
  • Wisycom MFL RFoF Systems